I saw a million opinions
go up in the air
and melt into clouds.
By evening, I was drenched –
in someone else’s thoughts.

By night,
when the judgments
and rain
had finally stopped;
I looked for myself
in puddles
that lay on the ground.

I saw a person,
by what other’s think;
Empty and dull;
One with the crowd.
Me? – I was washed away.

Those nights that I met with rain

Those nights that I met with rain,
Quietly slipping past
Wooden doors that held behind
Stately, sheltered lives;
At every step and every turn,
I stumbled upon
Puddles of moonlight
Discovering anew the world;
Those nights that I met with rain,
I watched with delight –
the majestic sway
Of leaves drenched with life.

Between dusty corners
were recollections
Of all my days and nights reside,
The rain, the leaf and the moonlight
Paint a picture, vivid and bright –
That is my childhood to me.

Today, I looked around
At all the trappings of my life
And wondered whether it would be
The coat or the tie
Or the clock by the bedside
That would define – my adulthood to me.

I took a pen and then redrew
Everything that was me.
It rained.
And I now have,
The leaf and the moonlight
Within me.

The Downpour

Icy cold and endless,
Raindrops on the highway.
Puddles of puzzles,
Screaming and dancing on my way.
Hits me hard and hits me cold-
The downpour.

Cracked up heavens and bittersweet tears;
Memories of another rainy day.
Bottled emotions and restless fears,
bared in a thunderous display.
Howling winds and scathing drops;
Frostbites on my soul.

Rains within and rains on the windowsill;
Reflections each – of the other.
Earth and heaven, you and me; still
Locked and bound, to suffer.
Paper boats and umbrellas on the road;
neither mine, nor yours to own.
But fragile hopes and sheltered dreams;
refuse to leave; they refuse to leave.