Tides arrive-
Scathing and dark.
Questions lash
On empty shores.

Land recedes,
Answers lose relevance
In the cacophony
Of multitudes.

All night long,
A stranded land
A friendly tide,
A morning sun.

From an ounce of peace,
From incessant grey tides,
Springs forth – a hope.

In the quiet sanctuary
Of hope,
Answers revel.
In these answers,
A peace.

A lifetime – A kaleidoscope

Due disclosures – When you come across the phrase, “the moment seizes you”, you might be tempted to call me a thief. So let me tell you in the beginning itself that I watched ‘Boyhood‘, the movie yesterday and that is what inspired me to pen this down. If you still want to call me a thief, go ahead :).

Have you looked at this moment carefully?

This fleeting, careless moment –

It sweeps past you with disdain.

You hold your breath and wait –

For it to have gone,

Sufficiently into the past;

And then –

In the shade of a distant time,

You ask yourself,

How have l lived?

You retrieve these very seconds and find

That your love for yourself

Has coloured it all –

Life is brighter in memories;

Moments are more precious

Once they have passed.


Moments –

If only we could,

Hold each one in our palm,

Laugh with it, appreciate it,

While it is still, a creature of now,

Maybe we would,

Answer our own questions

Lying in wait, in the realm of tomorrow,

With a tinge of reality

And a flourish of contentment.


The queries you make,

The answers you let yourself find –

They pave a path -your life.

Those moments that come by-

They give breath to your life.

Seize the moment and you turn a corner.

Let the moment seize you

And you find a fullness –

Here in the now.

With enough of those –

Inspired questions

And content experiences –

You and time

Would have made

a kaleidoscope – Your lifetime.