Ambiguous definitions

I have been looking for a word,
Ever since I glanced
In a mirror
And found you.
A word to explain,
To categorize – Us.

I was sure there was one –
Long forgotten, unused.
I have fancied, it was
Looking for us;
Trying to reclaim
Its place
In a world – Of acronyms
and ties – shallow and crude.

Ambiguity presented itself.
I shoved it aside.
The reflection never lacked
For clarity, I thought.
But now –
After all this while,
I think it is – a fine word for us –
Haven’t we been
In ambiguities – all along?
Ambiguity is us-
Our truths, wants and all.
Us – It exists and it does not.


Ask me about the weather

Let us conceal ourselves
Within words –
Words have a way
Of concerning themselves
With the mundane.
Otherwise, why would I
Have thought
Of the weather,
When the silences
That embraced us
To bind – us
In its understanding
Of pain.
Let us look away.
The clouds are far too many
In the sky.
Ask me about the weather again –
Let me not lose
That thought-
It is nonchalant.

A lifetime – A kaleidoscope

Due disclosures – When you come across the phrase, “the moment seizes you”, you might be tempted to call me a thief. So let me tell you in the beginning itself that I watched ‘Boyhood‘, the movie yesterday and that is what inspired me to pen this down. If you still want to call me a thief, go ahead :).

Have you looked at this moment carefully?

This fleeting, careless moment –

It sweeps past you with disdain.

You hold your breath and wait –

For it to have gone,

Sufficiently into the past;

And then –

In the shade of a distant time,

You ask yourself,

How have l lived?

You retrieve these very seconds and find

That your love for yourself

Has coloured it all –

Life is brighter in memories;

Moments are more precious

Once they have passed.


Moments –

If only we could,

Hold each one in our palm,

Laugh with it, appreciate it,

While it is still, a creature of now,

Maybe we would,

Answer our own questions

Lying in wait, in the realm of tomorrow,

With a tinge of reality

And a flourish of contentment.


The queries you make,

The answers you let yourself find –

They pave a path -your life.

Those moments that come by-

They give breath to your life.

Seize the moment and you turn a corner.

Let the moment seize you

And you find a fullness –

Here in the now.

With enough of those –

Inspired questions

And content experiences –

You and time

Would have made

a kaleidoscope – Your lifetime.

A lesson in Ichi-go ichi-e

The rust on the gate felt raw,
the path ahead too small –
as she stood watching a visage,
committing images to memory –
Almost — almost aware
that an era will end soon.

A diminutive figure walked the path.
There was the customary goodbye
from its definite end,
where bigger roads began.
What battles were he going to wage?
Did that tap on the shoulder mean take care?
Did he know –
when he showed her the moon,
and the tunnels to and from it –
his alternate realities;
Did he know, that she had learnt
to assume, a deadpan face;
while holding on
to the sound of his words?

If they had known,
that no more words
shall come to pass
between them,
Would they have embellished
the last few a trifle –
and not have let them
gotten lost
in the shifting air?

She knows not whether
the road became him;
Or whether, he found
a better abode;
Or whether, he fell
to time’s rampant march.
Possibilities and ignorance juxtaposed
in a confounding doublethink;
Until she found an accomplice to embrace.

From spaces and silences,
Closure develops.
Explanations and rendezvous
are poor substitutes.

Ichi-go ichi-e, it was.
A lesson in how not to –
patronize a tear
when life revels in its transience.

Acceptance is a good accomplice.
Acceptance, she decided
Is closure.


Note: Ichi-go ichi-e is a japanese term for “one time, one meeting”, often translated as “for this time only,” “never again,” or “one chance in a lifetime.”


If I told you,
that around the corner,
there is, a different world-
Where your truths are frail
And your fears are but dreams-
Would you, my friend –
open that door?
Walk out from rooms lived in,
Discard wants of long before?
Or would you tread even more
In old longing’s light?
You have lived them, you know –
those dreams of yesteryear.

It is miserable to want,
Only what you want.
Or are you now disinterested –
in the unfamiliar?

Why need fear the unknown
when monotony looms large?
Have you not chased butterflies
and found new hues
and a new delight – every time?
A nudge and a push away,
a new path carves itself.
We are but wayfarers;
Let us be true to that.