The Downpour

Icy cold and endless,
Raindrops on the highway.
Puddles of puzzles,
Screaming and dancing on my way.
Hits me hard and hits me cold-
The downpour.

Cracked up heavens and bittersweet tears;
Memories of another rainy day.
Bottled emotions and restless fears,
bared in a thunderous display.
Howling winds and scathing drops;
Frostbites on my soul.

Rains within and rains on the windowsill;
Reflections each – of the other.
Earth and heaven, you and me; still
Locked and bound, to suffer.
Paper boats and umbrellas on the road;
neither mine, nor yours to own.
But fragile hopes and sheltered dreams;
refuse to leave; they refuse to leave.


Auguries of existence

Dark fumes in the air,
Engulfing morning’s souvenirs:
The doze of freshness,
The promises of innocence.

Putrid burnt wood,
Filling every corner and nook;
Banishing thoughts bright,
With skeletons of dread and spite.

A piece of paper, charred:
Burnt out stories of eggs and ham,
cindered letters of love, perhaps;
flirting skies it otherwise couldn’t have.

Earnest flames of burning hues,
Devouring life and death, and all within:
The concocted niceties and blunt miseries,
Broken corpses and sentiments therein.

A glorious destruction! The circle of life!
From ashes to tender twigs,
From the singularity to the world as is.
In death, the omen of life,
In destruction, auguries of existence.

Tonight –

Slipping into night’s embrace,
I hug the moonlight tight.
A little of it slips away,
With pains of another day.

Canopies of leaves above,
Crack open at every sigh.
They let in a thousand eyes
That reflect on mine.

I hold myself closer,
And let me be;
Soon I find,there is no other.
It is only me.

What you invest in the day,
Dies west – everyday.
The night is for the soul;
To cleanse and to be whole.

Tomorrow, I may struggle again.
My woe may not yet abdicate.
But tonight,I will be whole again.
Though,tears and dew- I couldn’t separate.

The lies of Reason

I met reason in the morn;
He was perched on my windowsill, cold.
Precarious and unsure, a newborn;
Shed of all shrouds of hope.

I watched him long.
I watched, distraught.
Until the dew died in every leaf;
And his cries, I couldn’t brush off.

I let him in, with the sunlight.
Cold and anguished floors of the night,
Soon shivered with patches of life.
So did I as I left my tear behind.

All day long, a tussle-
Dread and reason – the yin and a yang.
All day long, a bustle –
Of creaking logic and a loud pang.

As light recedes to lonely stars,
And the night fondles the seen.
Anguish settles in my eyes,
As the dew on the leaf.

My lie is stranded on the windowsill,
I live my truth, here and now.
Tomorrow, I will let you in.
Tomorrow, we will dupe them all.

Setting Sail

Peace floats on a rocky boat-
Miles into the sea.
A stubborn flame in a blackened world;
Fighting to break free.

The night is long as the day was true.
The storms and the clouds aren’t that new.
Many a mile was given to solitude.
Anguish and screams, stolen by fortitude.

Moments of serenity, few and far between.
Monstrous tides, otherwise within.
Questions splash on the water and drown;
Answers lie in irrelevant shores.

But peace died that stormy night.
What is left is a lookalike-
An imposter of a different kind.
A useful one alright!

This voyage is mine and mine alone.
There is hope in the wind and wind in my hope.
But for now – we will dwell in emptiness.
Life! We will set sail in the stillness.

Letting Go

I let you go in parts.
First your heart,
Then your eyes.
Your heart set my tempo
And your eyes scorched my path;
So I let them go – one at a time.

Your hand I had held –
Timidly – I let it go too.
I am secure now – in myself.

But against the hollow in my heart,
your voice rings – still.
Just as how memories carve a niche
In the crooked passage of time.

Elements of Resilience

I am so used to hope-
I could carve one out,
of the densest rock.

I am so used to peace-
I could set to its tune,
throbbing waters of the seas.

I am so used to love-
I cannot leave it’s high throne,
for shallow depths of the other.

I have not found a single grief-
I could not wash away-
with ounces of time
and drops of neglect, studied.

I cannot live the night,
bound to the dark!
I delight in the sweet conquests
of smatterings of distant lights.

I cannot be undone-
by a mere travesty.
I do not trade,
a lifetime for a penny.